Albin Tomas

People. Why are there so many people?


Some half-elves assimilate well into the human or elven societies of their parents. Albin is… an example of the other kind. Given the choice, he generally prefers to keep to himself and his animal friends.

Most people find Albin difficult to talk to; the truth is, he’s just not particularly interested in conversation, and tends to feel stronger bonds to animals than to most people. While quite introverted, if you let him be himself, he will, as Sandru has discovered, open up to you. This reveals he has a strong sense of right and wrong, which surprises many who would think him indifferent. Those who bother Albin too long tend to find a sudden drowsiness come on, and when they come to he has gone elsewhere.

Albin has been in Sandpoint for a few years, but doesn’t talk of his life before then. Much of the time he can be found outdoors, or wandering the countryside outside of town, which is when he seems most alive. He works from time to time collecting rare herbs for healers and spellcasters in town. More recently he worked for Sandru as a caravan guard, although left that employment as he’d rather be exploring off-road than walking along it.

Albin Tomas

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