Morcant Hael


Morcant looks out of place as a caravan guard. His thick muscles, heavy armor, and sharp longsword are typical of that profession, but that is where the comparison ends. The first thing most notice about him is his hair: Hanging past his shoulders and framing his mouth, it is a vibrant red-gold with an unearthly metallic sheen. In torchlight, it looks like fine copper or brass. In daylight, it looks almost like a blazing fire coming off of his skull. Aside from his striking appearance, Morcant carries himself with a bearing befitting a landed lord. This has led many who have met him to presume him arrogant, though those who have spoken to the young man find him engaging and friendly. His shield bears the sigil of a tall and elegant white tower, capped by an unidentifiable winged figure.


In 4692, five soldiers bearing heraldry of a white tower with a winged figure atop came to the city of Magnimar. They had with them an infant child with strange copper-metallic hair. They purchased a manor house in the Naos district, explaining that they were the guardians of the child, whose name was Morcant.

Morcant was raised practically like a noble, his education and training funded by the five men’s seemingly inexhaustible funds. His education, however, had a decidedly militant bent: he leaned weapons when children still played with toys and was riding almost from the time he could walk. As he grew, his guardians also taught him etiquette and diplomacy and the young man soon found himself sought after in the trendier circles of Magnimar society. He was offered a posting in the city guard and even the Hellknight Order of the Nail courted him briefly; however, Morcant surprised them all by seeking work as a Caravan Guard. He explained it, at first, in terms of his faith in Abadar and support for mercantile endeavors, but the young man seemed to seek out caravans that wandered into wild places and sought out far-flung destinations. His eccentric preferences brought him into contact with Sandru Vhiski, who appreciated the young man’s sense of adventure, as well as his scrupulous honesty.

With the caravan’s recent stop at Sandpoint, Morcant feels a strange new ambition coming on. The relative safety of the caravan routes has left the young warrior itching for something that would better test his mettle. He has told Sandru that he intends to resign, though he’ll see the caravan back to Magnimar if the Varisian cannot find a suitable replacement in Sandpoint. Something is calling to Morcant, though he cannot yet define it.

Morcant Hael

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